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OnlyFans Model

Earn Millions of Dollars becoming a creator in Onlyfans

Adult Star

Become a Millionaire by creating Adult content and publishing under various brands

Bodouir Models

The art os seduction invites model to earn high payment for bodouir shoots

Cam Models

Stream Live and earn multi millions

Erotic Model

Shoot Erotic videos and earn like a top Model


Get paid to work for movies and fashion shows

What You get on Sponsorship

Benefits of Sponsorship 


A Luxurious place to stay in Pattaya with pool and gym


Shooting equipments from Camera, Iphone, Gimbal, Laptop


Additional Cash of 50000 Baht per month as stipend to work


Collaboration with various brands to get more money

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You can earn money while starting to get your foot in modelling

OnlyFans Shoot

Femina Studios provides all neccesary items to shoot videos, location to stay and also editing for models

Adult star

Femina Studios provide various projects for models to work in adult videos and earn money without getting worried about audition

Cam Models

Femina Studios Provide all the neccessary equipment to shoot videos and stream live for models and also help them in monetizing their content


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